• Coca-Cola Products
    Our company is Distributor
    of all Coca Cola France products
  • We have a strong network
    of Transportation
    Our transportation network allows fast delivery
    to our customers througout Europe.
  • Our Fruits & Vegetables have
    the best quality
    Our fruits & vegetables are always fresh
    and they are coming directly from
    agricultural cooperatives

International Trade of Vegetables, Fruits, Oils, Beverages and Cereals.

Professional Services

Alneon is supplying weekly, fresh fruits & vegetables, to the main European markets such as Mercamadrid (Spain), Mercabarna (Spain), Rungis (France), New Covent Garden Market (UK) with Alneon Trucks, assuring fastest delivery to our buyers.

Maximize Profits

Alneon is the productive unit in an exchange economy. In order to survive, a company must deal with the demand for its product, the production function, and the supply of its inputs. When the company successfully deals with these constraints, it makes a profit.

CRM Solutions

Alneon Customer Relationship Management grows the businesses at a rate 2-3 times faster than those that do not. It delivers a complete, robust solution that helps us maximize revenue and deliver the level of customer satisfaction that earns repeat business and enable us to optimize productivity, performance and profitability.

Pruduct Storage

The second important element in physical distribution concerns storing products for future delivery. Marketers of tangible products, and even digital products, may have storage concerns. Storage facilities, such as warehouses, play an important role in the distribution process for a number of reasons like meeting unanticipated Demand. Holding products in storage offers a safeguard in cases of unexpected increases in demand for products also.

On Time Delivery

Remember that servicing the customer's needs, including adhering to lead times, should be an important priority to everyone in the business. From the customer's side lead times are important to ensure an orderly and timely operation of the productive system. That’s why Alneon has developed fast products delivery worldwide, like Alneon own trucks running all over Europe, also containers shipment by sea worldwide through important shipping Companies and shipment by air in collaboration with mayor airlines for some products which need fastest delivery within 48 hours.

Enterprise Support

The Enterprise Directorate aims to boost enterprise, start ups and small business growth by helping small and medium businesses to start a more positive business environment: which supports growth and ease of starting a business, and where new businesses and economic opportunities are more evenly shared between regions and industries. A major program to reform the way that people running a business get the information, guidance and support they need to start and grow a business building a more entrepreneurial culture, equipping people with the skills and ambition to do a business.